Welcome to the Predict & Prevent™ Podcast

Welcome to the
Predict & Prevent Podcast
with Pete Miller, MS, MBA, CPCU

Predict & Prevent, presented by The Institutes, explores new ways to respond to some of the biggest risk challenges facing society today by working to better predict and prevent losses before they occur.

About the Podcast

This podcast explores how innovators are combating some of the biggest risk challenges facing society today by working to eliminate losses before they occur. Host Pete Miller, President and CEO of The Institutes, and his guests define what Predict & Prevent means, why it is urgently needed and how cutting-edge technology and resiliency techniques are making it a reality. In each episode, leading experts and business leaders will share the tools and strategies that are successfully transforming risk.

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About Pete Miller
Pete Miller, MS, MBA, CPCU

Pete Miller is president and chief executive officer of The Institutes Risk & Insurance Knowledge Group and a member of its Senior Management Team. He also chairs the Board of Directors for The Institutes CPCU Society, The Institutes Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, and The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative®, and he serves as a member of The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group's Board of Trustees.

Pete Miller
About The Institutes

Risk management and insurance are fundamental to all aspects of society. That's why in 1909, a group of insurance leaders created an educational not-for-profit for those interested in property-casualty insurance. Today, The Institutes Risk & Insurance Knowledge Group empowers people to build the knowledge they need to make better decisions, serve those in need, and embrace the future of risk.

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